How Can You Make the Application Process Faster?

The application process can take one day or one week. The more detailed you are when filling out the application the better. The two areas that usually take the most time to complete are the employment/income verification and rental history.

If you work for a large corporation or you don’t think your supervisor or HR department will be able to respond to our request quickly, then you can help. Please let the screening company know in the application who can be contacted directly (supervisor, HR, etc.) to verify employment and pay.

If you aren’t sure your current landlord/property manager will respond quickly to the rental verification then we’d suggest calling them to let them know ahead of time. If you have blemishes appearing on your record but you have fulfilled those obligations, submit proof of fulfillment. Proof can include letters or ledgers from the party who is owed. All of these steps can go a long way towards speeding up your application.

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