How Do You Apply?

Applying is easy and fast!

  1.  Have a picture of your government issued photo ID and any pets (if allowed at the property) ready for uploading.
  2.  Have proof of your income ready to upload.
  3.  Click HERE for the residential application.
  4.  Fill out one application per person over the age of 17 and living in the home.  If you have a roommate or guarantor (co-signors) you will need to make sure they indicate it on their applications. After you submit the application you will be placed on hold in our queue.
  5.  Pay the $75.00 application fee per adult.  Once you submit, the application is immediately sent to the processor. The processor may not be open on the weekend or a holiday. It may be the following business day before you hear from them or Tandem.
  6.  If all the application requirements/standards are met, you will receive a notice from Tandem.
  7.  The first applicant, or set of applicants applying, to have all verification complete on everyone and everything, including pet verification, and earnest money delivered to Tandem, will have the property temporarily reserved for them while scheduling and the lease is completed. Failure to be responsive to requests for scheduling or not signing the lease within five (5) days of receipt will result in forfeit of earnest money and the property placed on the market again.


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