How Do You Reserve a Property if You are Approved?

Tandem does not reserve a property for an applicant. The only way to reserve a property is to have your application processed, approved, and then pay the earnest money which will be credited towards your security deposit and administrative fee in the event a lease is signed. The fastest way to get through the application process and reserve a property is:

  1. Have your government issues ID photo and pet photo (if allowed) ready to upload before begin applying.
  2. Have your income or financial information as PDF(s) or picture(s) ready to upload before you begin applying.
  3. Notify your current and prior landlord that you have applied and you will need their assistance.
  4. If you are approved, you will then pay the earnest money which, in the event a lease is signed, will be credited towards the $100 administrative fee and your security deposit. You will need to pay online via bank transfer or via cashier’s check or money order.
  5. Once we receive earnest money, the property will be removed from the market and the drafting of your lease will begin. Earnest money and the administrative charge are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you change your mind, Tandem will keep the earnest money as compensation for damages for removing the property from the market and losing other potential applicants. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. Return the lease signed by all parties within 5 business days of when you receive the lease. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE INFORMATION BELOW.
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