Tandem Realty breaks the mold in the way it prices and provides real estate services. Rather than subscribing to the status quo of commission-based systems, we believe in charging our clients a fair price for the work we put into any particular unit.

If you are not a “high maintenance” owner, you should not be penalized; you should be rewarded with affordable rates and dependable service.

Whether you have residential or commercial investments (or both), let us show you why Tandem is the right choice for Nashville and Murfreesboro Property Management.

Tandem understands how each management decision affects owners’ bottom lines. Every step we take, every procedure in place, every repair made, every ad run, and the way we process applications is intended to keep vacancy to an absolute minimum. This is because no matter who you hire, vacant time is your biggest loss.

What to expect when you work with Tandem:
– Get full time staff instead of an individual
– Don’t pay hidden fees or mark-ups
– Don’t sign a long term contract
– Can have inspections as often as you like
– Get a full time marketing assistance to place quality tenants as fast as possible
– Know your property manager is on your side

Management Details

Each component of service is broken down and valued based on the action and not the transaction size. Each owner pays the same for management service, regardless of rent amount so no owner subsidizes another one by paying more for less.

Account SetupFREE

That’s right. We don’t charge you for setting up your account. That allows you to put more money towards other things like filling the property reserve or getting the property ready to rent.

Basic Monthly Service$85.00 for first unit
$49.00 per addition

A single family home is only $85, a duplex is $134, two duplexes are $134 for each duplex, and a triplex would be $183. Includes bookkeeping, reminders to tenants and owners, lease enforcement, and 24/7 emergency standby.

Repairs, rent ready, etc.$85.00 / hour

Each maintenance supervisor acts like an owner with a handyman bent. He checks out repairs and performs them without consulting an external vendor when possible. Basically, minor repairs he can easily do on his visit are included in the hourly charge. If your maintenance manager cannot perform the repair, he will call in the correct vendor to handle the problem.

Property ReserveAvg of $750.00
(Varies by property)

We do require a reserve with each property, however, this is not a charge. It is like a minimum balance on a checking or savings account and is accounted for every month. We have to keep some money in the account after we send you the rent each month. That way we can pay for a repair if one is needed between disbursement and the next rent payment. If you terminate service, the balance of the reserve comes right back to you.

Leasingthree quarters (3/4) the contracted monthly rent, pro-rated with a $400 minimum.

Leasing and management are very different from each other and should be calculated and paid for differently. Leasing is selling the property to prospective tenants.

This fee covers placing and renewing ads, yard sign with text message system for 24/7 info, Craigslist posting and renewing, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube sharing, multiple listing service on,,,, &, fielding phone calls and pre-screening, showings, lease drafting & signing, and legal filing fees (if needed, for any tenant placed by Tandem).

*Tandem reserves the right to exclude legal fees for certain properties considered high risk
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